Legally use music in stores: Clarifications from the Intellectual Property Organization

How can a store play legally music and have a TV or radio installation?

In order for a shop to legally play music, it must have obtained the necessary licenses from a collecting society (GCCA). For music, license should be obtained for music composers and creators from “AEPI” and “AUTODIA”, while for the beneficiaries related rights of recorded music by “GEA” (the details of which you can see here.) The user may choose not to use a repertoire represented in his store (ie a repertoire not represented by above-mentioned CACs whose rights are conferred either directly by the beneficiaries or on the basis of reciprocal agreements with other OSD abroad).

In this case, the user should not perform any musical work belonging to the GIS repertoire either through a stereo installation or from the internet or through a television or radio installation in his store. When businesses have a TV or radio installation, they are required to obtain a public of performing the music by the responsible GACs because the use of repertoire represented is presumed. The same is true even if users use television to view only The question of whether a retailer performs a represented repertoire or not is a matter of fact and does not arise from showing (only) attestations or other documents from companies or other bodies providing an unrecognized repertoire. We are helping entrepreneurs to be very careful about the content of the services provided to them in connection with the use of a non-REA repertoire because in the case of non-legitimate use of music, both civil and criminal penalties apply.

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